Chartered Accountants and Advisors specialising in Governance, Forensics, and Litigation Support, providing a fresh perspective on the issues at hand.
The core service offering of McGlinn Consulting is the assistance to litigation teams and to provide clarity, from a commercial and accounting perspective, to disputes and resolution strategies.
McGlinn Consulting brings over 30 years of experience to your matter at hand.


Expert Witness and litigation support

McGlinn Consulting brings extensive experience of many cases in the High Court, District Court, and other forums to bear on the matter at hand. Being an experienced boutique consultancy means that independence can be maintained.


Graeme McGlinn has a wide variety of experience on Boards including Chair and other leadership roles, bringing strength to finance, audit and risk portfolios on a Board or Committee.

Forensic and fraud advisory services

A full range of fraud advisory services including fraud risk assessments; fraud health checks, fraud education, fraud investigations, and fraud litigation support and expert witness. A “Fraud Health Check” can help identify weaknesses and limit the risk of being a fraud victim.

Investigations and problem solving

We can assist organisations to fine tune and improve overall performance. McGlinn Consulting is available at short notice to handle one off business imperatives and projects that are outside the scope or capacity of the existing staff or an organisation.

Graeme McGlinn has a wide variety of experience; and is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Chartered Accountant. He brings over 30 years of audit, internal control and business process experience to his clients. With such extensive experience he is quick to find issues and provide practical business solutions.



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